Italy: Football fans in Turin react to Cristiano Ronaldo joining Juventus

SOT, Journalist (Italian): «Where can Juventus arrive with Ronaldo?» SOT, Juventus supporter (Italian): «I hope they can win the Champions League after 21 years. If we don't win the trophy with Ronaldo, I don't know where we should go.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Journalist (Italian):: «Why don't you like him?» SOT, Juventus supporter (Italian): «I don't know, That's it.» SOT... Еще, Journalist (Italian): «Is he unpleasant?» SOT, Juventus supporter (Italian): «Yes. But he always scores goals.» SOT, Journalist (Italian): «But he will make Juve [Juventus] win the Champions.» SOT, Juventus supporter (Italian): «Yes, yes, we will see how he plays with Juventus.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Journalist (Italian): «Also for the city is it [Ronaldo's transfer] important? Even more than the Olympics?» SOT, Juventus supporter (Italian): «Yes, absolutely. The whole football culture will gain value now because it will be tough. We will win Scudetto and we'll try to win Champions League finally. We will get it.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Journalist (Italian): «You look like him.» SOT, Juventus supporter (Italian): «Thank you! You are not the first to say this. I just went inside a shop and they told me the same.» Football fans in Turin commented on the news that Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo would be joining their team, Juventus FC, on Tuesday. «It's the most beautiful day of my life after my wedding. He's the player who we missed to complete the team and win the Champions League,» said one happy fan. Another fan was happy to see him play for the team, but had personal reservations about him. «I don't like him as a person but as a player he's welcome,» she said.

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