Italy: Florence mayor caught in scuffles over African vendor killing

SOT, Journalist (Italian): «A man was killed, can we say that that is no good?» SOT, Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence (Italian): «Of course. Are you kidding? Were you with me all on December 13 in Dalamazia square to remember [the other racist killings]? I don't remember you all on December 13. Nobody, nobody can dare to say that Florence is not an open and inclusive city.» SOT, Man (Italian... Еще): «I'm sorry. I came here to say to you that I'm sorry, because what happened it's bad. They made mistakes. I came here as a supervisor.» Tensions continued in Florence on Tuesday during a Senegalese protest held to denounce the killing of an African street vendor who was shot to death in the city centre the previous day. Florence mayor Dario Nardella was insulted and attacked by protesters, as he tried to join the event. According to local media, Nardella was even spat before finally leaving the protest. The street vendor was a Senegalese migrant, according to initial reports. A 65-year-old Italian man has been arrested as a prime suspect, who police said had fired six pistol shots at the vendor. The suspect left his flat with what is believed to be a legally-owned gun, after leaving a suicide note, the police report. He said that instead of killing himself, he wanted to go to prison and went out to kill the first person he met on the street.

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