Italy: Five Star Movement condemns new electoral law as voting 'blind'

is already a foregone conclusion.» Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) party rallied in central Rome on Wednesday to denounce the new electoral law known as Rosatellum. This week, the upper house of the Italian Parliament is to vote on the bill which encourages the formation of broad coalitions ahead of the ballot to make the country more governable. The bill will likely... Еще hurt the M5S, making it increasingly difficult for the anti-establishment party to win in Italy's next round of elections. The M5S has refused to join alliances and opposed the bill, which they claim would favour the mainstream parties. The law, if passed, would introduce a system where 36 percent of the seats would be allocated by a majority system based on colleges, a «first-past-the-post» system, and 64 percent of the seats would be assigned proportionally. «The idea is that we are here to protest being blindfolded, with a bind fold, because they see us this way. They see us going to vote, like in blind man's bluff. Let's play blind man's bluff. And whatever vote we will cast, the outcome is already a foregone conclusion,» said the founder of M5S, Beppe Grillo.

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