Italy: Ex-Five Star senator launches anti-EU 'Italexit' party in Rome

Current Italian senator and former Five Star Movement party member Gianluigi Paragone formally launched his 'Italexit' party in Rome on Thursday, after meeting earlier in the week with prominent Brexit advocate Nigel Farrage in London. Paragone said his party is the first opportunity for Italians to «express themselves» on the issue of European Union membership, as the country has never had a party solely devoted to the cause of leaving the union. Residents in Rome expressed mixed feelings on the birth of the party, just days after the European Council unanimously passed a €750 billion ($868 billion) economic recovery plan, a large chunk of which is set to benefit Italy, whose economy has experienced low growth rates in recent years. «I think that if we left EU it’s better. We are begging for money from Europe while we have the most beautiful country in the world. Two thousand years of history,» said one resident in Rome. «We must look forward. I believe that we are making progress in the EU. Instead of attacking, I would like political forces to collaborate more with the current government,» responded another. Paragone left the Five Star Movement after it formed a coalition with Italy's Democratic Party in September 2019.

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