Italy: Egyptian FM encourages 'resolution' on Israeli-Palestinian conflict at MED summit

Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Hassan Shoukry encouraged the US and its European partners to find a «resolution» to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and condemned the recent deadly Egypt mosque attack, during the second day of the third Mediterranean Dialogues (MED) summit in Rome on Thursday. Shoukry highlighted that Egypt was ready to act as «facilitators» in the conflict, whether... Еще to the Israelis or the Palestinians. Speaking on the topic of terrorism, Shoukry said that the recent attack on a Mosque near Bir al-Abed should reinforce the resolve of the international community to come to the aid of Egypt, as well as show the world that the danger of terrorism is «a collective danger.» Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, commented on the Iran nuclear deal, stating that it's «working» and that Iran appears to be «fully compliant» with the commitments of the agreement.
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