Italy: Egypt team 'optimistic' Salah will play WC 2018

Interpreter: «The medical exam says that he (Salah) will staying in the world cup.» Hector Cuper, Egyptian National Team Manager (Spanish): «Nevertheless, we all need to prepare ourselves were something to happen at the last minute.» Interpreter: «But we are preparing if something special happens.» Interpreter: «About Colombia, they are a very good team.» Hector Cuper, Egyptian National... Еще Team Manager (Spanish): «They play really well. They move the ball really well. Interpreter: «They play well.» Hector Cuper, Egyptian National Team Manager (Spanish): «It isn't easy.» Interpreter: «They make much pass. Much abilities.» Hector Cuper, Egyptian National Team Manager (Spanish): «Somebody is working a lot with them on the defensive side of the game. Most of all in the second half, and it hurt us. There's a lot, there's great individual quality, as well as the team's high level.» Interpreter: «They are good individual players, they are playing very well, a collective team, playing very, very, playing very, very well.» Hector Cuper, Egyptian National Team Manager (Spanish): «Therefore, what we've achieved tonight makes me happy.» Interpreter: «We did good. We had to fight for the match today.» Hector Cuper, Egyptian National Team Manager (Spanish): «We are missing, maybe we are missing Salah. We are missing that addition in attack.» Interpreter: «We need, Salah, to be with us and find our way to attack more.» Journalist: «So, James, we saw your moving around on the pitch tonight, on the left for a bit then the right, after that the centre. A lot of movement in your positioning.» James Rodriguez, Colombian player (Spanish): «I feel comfortable. I have been given freedom. No, so I think you have to see the positives in it. I think we played well tonight.» Journalist: «It seems to be a team, in the pre-eliminatory stages, a more defensive, less expansive, strikers tracking back, we pass sideways and to the wings a bit more.» James Rodriguez, Colombian player (Spanish): «Yes, it's a good thing. I think that we are trying to do that. Have a game a little bit further forward up the pitch and be a little more intensive as well and I think that today we played well. It ended up being nil-nil, but I think that everything serves a function.» Journalist: «Has it been competitive? You like a quick competitive game. Are you up for the World Cup?» James Rodriguez, Colombian player (Spanish): «Look, for now I am keeping calm. If you start rushing things, then bad things can happen. Four years ago, I kept calm about everything, so this year should be the same.» Journalist: «The last question because my colleagues have, have. Do you and Juan Fer get on well?» James Rodriguez, Colombian player (Spanish): «Well, I think that Juan Fer is a player who possesses great quality. He is a player who performs well. I think when you like someone it makes playing football a lot easier. Ciao, ciao. Until next time.» Egypt's national football team manager Hector Cuper spoke to the press following a friendly warm up match against Colombia at the Atleti Azzurri d'Italia stadium in Bergamo on Friday. Cuper said the team was «optimistic» about the recovery of Egypt's star player Mohamed «Mo» Salah, who was recently injured during the Champions League final as «all the medical reports we've had say that he will be there.» However, he added that strategically, the team still needed to prepare for the worst. Colombia player James Rodriguez told reporters as he left the mixed zone, that he had been given «freedom» to move around the pitch and commended his

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