Italy: 'Crucial' week ahead as number of new cases drops slightly, top health official says

Italian Health Institute (ISS) President Silvio Brusaferro and the Head of Civil Protection Angelo Borelli held a joint press conference in Rome on Monday to go over the latest numbers on the coronavirus pandemic and the country's next steps. Borrelli spoke about the number of recoveries and infections, mentioning that there had been 602 deaths attributed to the disease which represents a... Еще decrease from previous days. Brusaferro said that «It's a crucial week for us, we are assessing how our curves are progressing,» and went on to explain that regions with high population such as in the north of the country were being closely monitored before adding that the goal right now was «to make sure that the curves in the southern regions do not reproduce the traits that we are seeing in the north.» He further said: «What we have to do today in order to avoid a situation where in 15 or 20 days we have or we continue to have this amount of cases is to make sure the people that are tested positive or that are suspected of being positive are not infecting others (transmitting the disease). That is another goal of this strategy.» Italy has been hit particularly hard by the disease from Wuhan with over 63 000 confirmed infections, the highest number after mainland China. Since last week, the number of deaths almost doubled that in mainland China according to data from the Italian Civil Protection.

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