Italy: 'Countries that kill their kids don't survive' — Pro-life rally hits Milan

Some militants from the neo-fascist party Forza Nuova held a rally against abortion, together with ultra-Catholic organisations, in Milan on Saturday. The protest was supposed to be a fully-fledged march but was blocked by the police over security concerns and remained a rally in the central square Piazzale Cadorna. Some dozens counter-protesters were sent away by the police. Forza Nuova have... Еще been calling for a referendum to abolish Law 194 which regulates abortions in Italy. A first referendum on the law happened in 1981, when a proposal to abolish the law was rejected by 88 per cent of the voters. The leader and co-founder of Forza Nuova Roberto Fiore spoke at the rally and later said: «We always had a pro-life philosophy, especially because we believe that a nation can wake up only when a series of things happen and one of these things is stop abortions because countries that kill their kids don't survive.»

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