Italy: Coastguards bring migrant women, children seeking medical help to Pozzallo shore

The Italian coastguards brought to shore 16 migrant mothers and 11 children in Pozzallo on Sunday, who were reportedly in need of medical attention. The rescuees were extracted from larger coastguard ships, stranded off shore with some 450 migrants on board, who were rescued close to Linosa on Friday. «We know that on board there are children, adolescents and vulnerable persons, which have... Еще been at sea for days, under the sun, and which have a difficult journey on their backs, meaning they have experienced different forms of suffering,» said a member of a rescue organisation. «We demand the immediate authorisation for them to disembark [on the shore], in particular and above all the children and the most vulnerable people, and that every type of assistance is guaranteed for them,» she added.

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