Italy: Closed border forces migrants to brave the cold under Ventimiglia bridge

Around 150 migrants were seen living under a bridge in the Italian town of Ventimiglia on Thursday, amid snow and freezing weather conditions. People were seen sleeping in tents and makeshift accommodation under the Roverino bridge, not far from the Italian-French border, where Russian chill winds have brought snow. The Red Cross has tried to convince migrants to join the Roja camp, without... Еще much success due to fears of identification. Don Rito Alvarez, the priest of a local church, lit a fire in front of his church to help people get warm, and provided them food and hot drinks. Around 700 migrants were reportedly stranded at the Italian-French border in December, according to Italian media. According to Oxfam, around 500 of them have been living in the Red Cross Roja camp, while the remaining 200 have been forced to sleep in the open, including under the Roverino bridge.

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