Italy: Citizenship not an electoral present — protesters rally against migrant bill

A demonstration against the Ius Soli bill to grant citizenship to the children of immigrants who are born in Italy and have completed five years in the Italian school system took place in Rome, on Sunday. Matteo Salvini, head of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, addressed the gathered people. «Citizenship is not an electoral present that you make to an 11-year old kid,» he said... Еще. Further on in his speech, Salvini criticised the EU saying that it is «an anti-democratic superstructure invented to make a few people rich and condemn a lot of people.» He also made some remarks concerning the Russian president Vladimir Putin, rejecting the rumors that his party receives money from Moscow. «I admire Putin as a man of State and as a man of Government who defends the interests of his people, of his enterprises. A man who defends his values and his borders, and I admire him for free, not because I'm payed,» he said. One of the activists at the protest said «we agree with Salvini about all these immigrants arriving and almost throwing us Italians out of here. If it keeps going like this, we will be the ones going to Africa.»

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