Italy: Chinese Red Cross brings doctors, medical supplies to help battle against coronavirus

A team of doctors from the Chinese Red Cross arrived in Rome Fiumicino airport on Friday, bringing 30 tonnes of medical supplies to help Italy in its fight against the coronavirus crisis. The team which includes deputy head Yang Huichuan and professor of cardiopulmonary resuscitation Liang Zongan donated masks, respirators and other medical devices. «It's a very important and meaningful... Еще contribution, which will help relieving the burden for a few days, but our needs remain high and we shouldn't let our guard down,» said Head of the Italian Red Cross, Francesco Rocca, who praised the Chinese counterparts for their donation. Rocca also said stressed that Italy's Red Cross usually operates as a 'donor country' for medical supplies, but the sister organisation strongly wanted to contribute as the number of cases and deaths in the country skyrocketed in the past week. Italy is currently in lockdown as over 1,000 people have died from the virus which infected at least 17,000 people in the country. Mandatory credit: Italian Red Cross

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