Italy: Bolzano reacts after Austria offers passports to South Tyroleans

Residents of Bolzano shared their opinion, Wednesday, on the new Austrian government’s proposal to offer passports to German-speaking residents of the northern Italian province of South Tyrol. The alpine region, also known by its Italian name Alto Adige, was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire before being annexed by Italy after World War I as an autonomous province. Residents who disagreed... Еще with the proposal mostly stressed the fact that the province is in Italy, while one resident who agreed highlighted the fact that he was a German native speaker and that «my grandparents were born when this belonged to Austria.” Another resident agreed with the proposal by noting that “we’re in Europe, therefore the idea of borders doesn’t make sense anymore.» Some 70 percent of South Tyrol residents said they were native German speakers in the last census taken in 2011.

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