Italy: Black baby Jesus on display at Palermo Cathedral on Christmas

A statue of a dark-skinned baby Jesus was displayed on Christmas Day at the Palermo Cathedral, on Wednesday, as a gesture of welcome towards migrants. «I received this statue this year on the occasion of my 25th anniversary of ordination. It comes from Tanzania. So, I thought that this Christmas I could send a message to all the people, to Palermitans, to all those who will see this particular... Еще sign, because we are accustomed to always see white Jesus and therefore this can be considered a bit of a provocation,» said Aldo Sarullo, Priest at the Cattedrale di Palermo. «The welcome must be reserved for everyone. Jesus was born for everyone, therefore we cannot set limit. We must welcome and integrate diversity,» he added. The statue was reportedly paraded in the Christmas Mass procession on December 24.

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