Italy: Berlusconi touts low taxes as he feasts on cheese at farmers' meeting

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi met with the National Farmers’ Association (Coldiretti) ahead of March 4 parliamentary elections, in Rome on Wednesday. At the meeting, the 81-year-old politician explained his party's goal of lowering taxes for everyone, via the introduction of a flat-rate tax system. He also claimed the elections are by now a matter to be contested between his... Еще centre-right coalition and the Five Star Movement. Berlusconi, who is banned from holding office until 2019, also commented on immigration and on what he believes were the disastrous migration policies of the outgoing centre-left government, criticising the EU-backed Operation Triton in particular. At the end of the meeting Berlusconi was presented with a form of Parmesan cheese as a symbol of his pact with the national farmers group. Polls suggest Berlusconi's coalition is the most likely to secure a majority.

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