Italy: Bardonecchia residents react to France agents entering Italian station

Residents in the Italian border town of Bardonecchia accused France of violating the law on Tuesday, after five French border control agents entered the facility of a humanitarian NGO in the town's railway station on Friday. On Friday, French border control agents entered the facility of the Rainbow4Africa NGO, carrying out a drug test on a Nigerian man taken off a Paris-Naples train. On... Еще Saturday, Italy contested France's claim that its border control officials had a right to use the facility in Bardonecchia's train station. «It is unacceptable for us that a young man who legally lives in Italy is treated this way and that the French police enter armed with guns,» said Moussa Khalil on Tuesday, a mediator for the Rainbow4Africa NGO. Bardonecchia mayor Francesco Avato said the French officials were «not allowed to do so in absence of their Italian counterparts or the authorisation of a judge.» «It was a negative incursion made by the French,» Bardonecchia resident Francesca Mazzaferro said. France has claimed that its officials were allowed to use the Bardonecchia station on the grounds of a 1990 agreement. After summoning the French Ambassador for consultation on Saturday, the Italian Foreign Ministry said it had communicated to French customs officials this month that the facility was no longer available because the Rainbow4Africa NGO was using it.

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