Italy: Auschwitz-surviving Senator to oppose anti-migrant laws with ‘all remaining energy’

Liliana Segre, an Auschwitz survivor and a lifetime Senator, pledged to oppose anti-immigration laws during a speech before a vote of confidence in Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's newly-formed government in Rome on Tuesday. «I refuse to think that today our democratic civilisation can be soiled by special laws against nomads. If it happens, I will oppose it with all my remaining energy... Еще,” Segre said referring to Conte’s reported plans to close migrant camps in Italy. She also added that she would abstain from the vote of confidence in the government, which was later approved by 171 to 117 with 25 abstentions getting the required majority. Conte will seek a vote of confidence at the Parliament on Wednesday. Segre, 87, was appointed a lifetime senator in January this year.

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