Italy: Anti-Semitic inscription scrawled on door of Nazi camp survivor

An anti-Semitic inscription was scribbled overnight on the door of the home of a now-deceased Nazi camp survivor in the northern Italian town of Mondovi, Friday. «Juden Hier» (German for «Jews Here») was written with black paint on the door of the home where Italian anti-Fascist resistance member and Nazi camp survivor Lidia Beccaria Rolfi lived until her passing in 1996. Her son, Aldo Rolfi... Еще, who now lives there, reported the inscription to the police. «Somebody noticed it at 7 am this morning and sent the photo to me on WhatsApp,» Rolfi said. «I never received threats, nothing. It seems to me that it's a strange thing when we consider the place where we live. Mondovi has never been a city that has especially shown signs of intolerance towards these topics, towards these things,» Rolfi continued. After saying the inscription might have been «an act of bravado,» Rolfi pointed out to the current «difficult» political environment in Italy as a possible factor behind the action. Lidia Beccaria Rolfi, Rolfi's mother, was born in 1925 in the northern Piedmont region, joined the anti-Nazi-Fascist resistance in December and was arrested four months later. She was deported in June 1944 to the Ravensbrueck concentration camp in northern Germany, and was liberated in May 1945. Increasingly brazen anti-Semitic and racist attitudes have been observed in Italy over the past few months, including death threats against 89-year-old Auschwitz survivor Liliana Segre, who had to be given a police escort.

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