Italy: Anti-migrant demonstrators take to the streets of Ventimiglia

Scores of demonstrators marched through the streets of Ventimiglia, a frontier city between Italy and France, against the relocation of migrants in the area, Saturday. According to the spokesperson of the civic movement Adesso Basta (Italian for «That's enough»), «[Ventimiglia] was beautiful, even with all its flaws, but it was our Ventimiglia. Today it is unlivable. I have heard of people who... Еще, at nighttime, need to be accompanied to go buy a pack of cigarettes or to go drink a coffee. This is unacceptable.» Another organiser of the march pointed out that «more than a protest, we consider this the manifestation of a discomfort» that comes from the city's administration not being able to carry out «a legalised reception.» The woman also stressed that any welcoming procedure seems to be compromised by the fact that «the numbers are too big, identifications cannot be carried out since these people don't want to be identified.» Ventimiglia has become a crucial location as migrants who have made their way into the Italy via the Mediterranean attempt to reach Western Europe through the French-Italian border, just a few kilometres from the city.
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