Italy: Anti-fascists rally against right-wing party CasaPound's alleged violence

Over 5,000 antifascist protesters marched on Saturday in Genoa against alleged recent aggressions from the right-wing CasaPound party. Students, civil associations and members of the general public joined the march, in which several old Italian partisans that fought against Nazi and Fascist armies during Italy's occupation also participated. «We were patriots. We collected that [Italian] flag... Еще dishonoured and tarnished by Mussolini and by the King. We took it back, we strove to clean it with our blood and we gave it polished to the Italian people», claimed partisan Enzo Piaras On January 12, a group of anti-fascists were allegedly attacked by about thirty members of the far-right movement CasaPound. This marks just one of many allegations of violence made against CasaPound members. CasaPound inaugurated its own first office in Genoa in June 2017, which increased tensions between fascist and anti-fascist groups. The party is running in Italy's upcoming national elections in March.

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