Italy: Anti-fascists in Palermo wield duct tape to taunt beaten Forza Nuova member

Anti-fascist demonstrators marching in Palermo on Saturday, were seen holding duct tape in reminder of the aggression against a far-right Forza Nuova party member four days earlier. Demonstrators rallied against Forza Nuova leader Roberto Fiore, who held a meeting in a Palermo hotel on the same day. Exponents of the National Association of Italian Partisans (ANPI) and of several unions were... Еще present at the rally. On Tuesday, Forza Nuova provincial secretary Massimiliano Ursino had been reportedly bound with duct tape to hands and feet and beaten up by half a dozen people. Ursino had been arrested in July 2006 for having robbed and beaten up two Bangladeshi citizens in Palermo. Anti-fascist demonstrations took place in Milan and Rome on the same day, in a tense political climate ahead of the March 4 general elections.

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