Italy: Anti-fascists clash with police outside right-wing memorial demo

Clashes erupted in Pavia on Wednesday, between police and anti-fascist protesters who were trying to interrupt a right-wing memorial for the victims of the Foibe massacres. According to reports, a group of anti-fascist activists managed to bypass police cordons and make their way to the location of the far-right movement's memorial assembly. Police in riot gear were forced to intervene when... Еще scuffles broke out between the two groups, pushing the anti-fascists back with batons. The 'Foibe massacres' refers to the victims of the Istrian-Dalmatian Exodus and those who were killed during and the end of the Second World War, and who were disposed of in Italy's sinkholes, or 'foibe', by Yugoslavian forces. Following the Second World War, Italy's right-wing alliance adopted the commemoration of those who died in the foibe as part of an anti-communist propaganda campaign. Although the National Memorial Day of Exiles and Foibe is generally accepted in Italy, many supporters of the political left view its recent rise in popularity as a manifestation of neo-fascist revisionism.

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