Italy: Amazon workers strike back on «Black Friday»

Workers from the Amazon warehouse in Piacenza held their first ever strike on Friday. Footage shows union members forming a picket outside the warehouse on what they have termed 'Strike Friday.' The walk-out was timed to coincide with Black Friday. The US tradition of discounting goods has been embraced by many countries in Europe, including Italy. A workers union said more than 500 Amazon... Еще employees would go on strike after both parties failed to reach an agreement over bonuses. Media reports citing union sources said that up to 800 went on strike. The strike started with the morning shift on Friday and is expected to end at the beginning of the morning shift on Saturday. Employees have decided to work-to-rule over the entire Christmas period. Around 4,000 employees work in the Piacenza Amazon centre. In a statement, Amazon in Italy responded by saying that its focus was on ensuring that deliveries reached their customers on time.

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