Italy: Acqua Alta bookshop loses 'thousands' of books in Venice floods

Venice's famous bookshop named after winter flooding, Acqua Alta, was severely hit by recent floods, as footage filmed on Tuesday in the 'City of Canals' shows. The bookshop that attracts thousands of visitors every year and is well known for storing its books in bathtubs and gondolas to protect them from high tides, could not resist the recent record-high flooding the city is suffering this year... Еще. «With the water level that night, it was impossible to safeguard all the books. We were prepared to face 1.45 meters of water. But 50 centimetres more, have dramatically damaged the entire bookshop,» said Aqua Alta worker Diana. «Thousands. Thousands of books The books you see in the gondola were not there before. The gondola was full of books. The gondolas, like all bathtubs, were completely submerged. A lot of material has been destroyed,» she added. Winter flooding, dubbed «acqua alta» in Venice, meaning «high water», reached 187cm (73 inches) last Tuesday, the highest level since the record of 194 cm set in 1966.

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