Italy: 5 Star Movement leader Di Maio casts vote in general election

5 Star Movement (M5S) candidate Luigi Di Maio cast his vote for the Italian national elections in Pomigliano d’Arco, near Naples, on Sunday. Thirty-one year-old Di Maio was greeted by a group of supporters who were chanting «prime minister, prime minister.» The M5S is likely to emerge from the elections as the largest party, according to polls. But it seems unlikely to gain enough of a... Еще majority to govern alone and it has up to now refused to form a coalition with other parties. Italy’s south, where youth unemployment runs 50 percent or higher and the overall unemployment rate almost doubles that of the north, is expected to be a key battleground for the elections. Polls suggest Berlusconi's coalition is the most likely to secure a majority in the election.

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