Italy: 5,000 do Nazi salute at far-right 'Acca Larentia' killings commemoration

Thousands of far-right activists led by the CasaPound movement commemorated the anniversary of the so-called ‘Acca Larentia’ killings in Rome on Sunday, marking the event with a mass Nazi salute. Demonstrators marched through the streets of the San Giovanni district to the street where the attack took place, bearing banners reading ‘Acca Larentia.’ In the evening, the mourners massed in a square... Еще for a memorial service and raised their hands as one in a Nazi salute. The ‘Acca Larentia killings’ refer to the murder of three Youth Front activists from the far-right group the Italian Social Movement (ISM) on January 7, 1978. The victims Franco Bigonzetti, Francesco Ciavatta and Stefano Recchioni were attacked on a street known as ‘Acca Larentia’ in Rome, hence the name. No convictions were ever made. Following the ambush, riots broke out throughout the capital and a day of remembrance has since marked the day each year. Roman President of the Capitoline Assembly Marcello De Vito was marked by his absence from the event. The march took place only a few months before the general election, set for March 4, 2018. CasaPound has so far shown its strength in local elections and hopes to enter the Parliament for the first time.

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