Italy: 15 skinheads raid pro-migrant meeting held in Venetian church

Some 15 neo-Nazis interrupted a meeting of members from the 'Como Senza Frontieres' ('Without Borders') network for migrants on Tuesday evening in Venice. The far-right Venetian group 'Veneto skinheads' interrupted the activists' meeting held in the Sant'Eufemia church in Venice. A member of the far-right group then read from an anti-immigration manifesto and called the activists «moralists of... Еще immigration at all costs incapable of seeing their sick logic.» «For all you, sons of a homeland you don't love anymore, we are here to remind you that one's own people must be loved and not destroyed,» the member continued. He then called on those present to «stop the invasion.» No tensions erupted since 'Senza Frontieres' members did not interfere with the group's declaration until it was over.

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