Italy: 100-year-old mummified child found in Sicilian cemetery

Footage from Thursday showed the mummified body of a child that was found a few days before in Palermo’s Santa Maria dei Rotoli cemetery. The body was found inside a small wooden coffin tucked in a mezzanine by the cemetery’s director, Cosimo De Roberto, while he was checking the electrical system of the facility. De Roberto said that according to a local coroner, the child mummy probably dated... Еще from an area spanning the late 19th/early 20th centuries, and that the cemetery’s unique “micro-climate” had permitted it to stay in “perfect conditions.” The child mummy, appearing to be a very young girl donning a festive dress, was found accompanied by a handwritten note dating from 1977, leading to speculation as to whether that was the year she was initially found. She was re-named “Nymph” by the cemetery’s director, who sent a notice to local authorities and is now waiting for news regarding further investigations.

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