«It's gonna be blood, sweat and tears» — Mayweather and McGregor anticipate bout

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) boxer Conor McGregor held a press conference in Las Vegas, on Wednesday, in anticipation for their fight on Saturday. A more subdued affair than previous stops on their press tour, to promote the much anticipated fight, McGregor's statements on Wednesday still had some of the animosity he showed in previous events towards... Еще his opponent. Displaying a lot of confidence in the outcome of the fight, McGregor said, «I'm not going to look to implement anything. I'm going to out-box this man at his own game. That's how skilled and how much of a different level I am to him.» Mayweather, for his part, said that he saw McGregor as «a tough competitor», acknowledging his undefeated run in UFC. However, Mayweather, commenting on the age gap between the him and McGregor, also claimed that the fact he was still fighting at the age of 40 was due to his prowess in the ring, «I've been here plenty of times. Guy's say, 'Oh I'm going to go to the body on Mayweather, I'm going to hit him with my right hand, I'm going to hit him with the left hook. After 21 years I've been hit with everything and I'm still right here.»

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