It’s child’s play! Osaka professor invents a life-like robo-kid

A roboticist in Japan invented a life-like child robot that looks like something straight out of a dystopian sci-fi film, as shown in footage filmed in Osaka on Thursday. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from Osaka University has created a child robot with human-like movements called Ibuki. Ibuki can move freely, talk, blink, and can even express his feelings. «Androids so far, you know, they couldn... Еще't move around therefore we couldn't have shared the experience by looking for something, by walking around the cities right? But Ibuki can move with us, can walk with us and you know we can share the experience, that is the meaning of Ibuki,» Professor Ishiguro said. Ishiguro is a roboticist whose creepy creations have even included an identical robot version of himself.

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