ISS: Pope engages with astronauts in other-worldly phone call

Pope Francis took part in a video call with astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) on Thursday. «We see the peace and serenity of our planet as it goes around at ten kilometres a second — and there's no borders, there's no conflict, it's just peaceful, and you see the thinness of the atmosphere and it makes you realise how fragile our existence here is”, NASA commander Randolph... Еще Bresnik told the Pope. The Pope responded that the Earth is a “very fragile thing” with a “very fine and thin atmosphere, that is so capable of destroying itself, of doing bad things right? And you went up and you saw looked with the eyes of God.” Pope Francis follows in the steps of his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI, who also spoke to the ISS via video call back in 2011.

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