Israel: 'We're on top of the world' — Jerusalem celebrates Embassy move

Israeli and Palestinian residents in Jerusalem shared their thoughts on the US Embassy moving to the city from Tel Aviv on Sunday, one day ahead OF the opening ceremony. One of the American-Israeli residents, Mark Cohen, said that that people 'are very excited about it' and the US had been lobbying for the transfer since 1995. Another resident, Israel Zweek, added that 'everyone is... Еще celebrating this event' and expressed his hope there would not be any injuries or deaths during the expected clashes over the opening. A Palestinian resident, Mohamad Omar, called the move made by US President Donald Trump 'very bad,' adding that Trump did not consider 'how much of a bad effect will come with his decision' and 'how much that will boil our feelings towards that decision.' The opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem was scheduled for Monday amid protests across the Middle East. Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6, 2017, in a live televised address from Washington DC, which sparked a wave of protests throughout the world.

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