Israel: Water cannon used to disperse anti-govt protest in Jerusalem

Crowds of anti-government protesters clashed with police officers in Jerusalem on Saturday, with water cannon used to disperse the rally. The protesters accused the government of poor handling of the current coronavirus crisis as new lockdown measures were approved. «We have a horrible economic situation now because of COVID-19 and he doesn't know how to deal with it. People are desperate for jobs, for food, for living wage, and we are here to protest it and to say 'Netanyahu, go to jail, go home, leave us, you're a dictator, we don't want you,' « protester Renana said. «We have no faith in the closure,» another protester said, «it all feels random, and feels that it is done by contacts of the rich and the government.» Several protests against Netanyahu have been taking place across the country over prime minister's corruption charges as well as what's perceived as his government's poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

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