Israel: Thousands protest Netanyahu's West Bank annexation plan

Thousands of active citizens gathered at Tel Aviv's Rabin Square on Saturday to protest the government's plans to annex West Bank territories. In a rare occasion, Jewish and Arabic population staged the united front against the annexation plan presented by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The demonstrators were seen chanting slogans and waving both Israeli and Palestinian flags. The protesters fear the move would trigger a new round of hostilities and bloodshed between Israel and Palestine. Angela, one of the protesters, said, «I have almost given up on demonstrations but this one is our way of the people of saying we do not want war.» «The annexation is all about him trying to stay out of jail», she added, as several protesters believe Netanyahu's plan was an attempt to shore up support amid his trial on corruption charges. Various police units were deployed around the protest, arresting several protesters after attempting to disperse the gathering.


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