Israel: 'The direction of fascism' — Protesters rally against limiting High Court powers

Thousands took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday, to protest against the Israeli government’s bid to pass a law that would limit the powers of the country's Supreme Court. Protesters with banners and flags chanted slogans against Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu such as «Bibi go home» and «Bibi Netanyahu to prison Maasiyahu.» «They want all the power to be in their hands and to... Еще destroy democracy slowly, this is what they want, it is not for the benefit of the people, it's for their own good, to strengthen their regime,» a protester stated. Giroa Baram, another protester said that he joined the rally because he fears that «Israel is going in the direction of fascism,» with another Noam Tal, adding that «it's not working and there are people here that want to make this country a dictatorship.» If passed, the new legislation will limit the Supreme Court's power to override the Knesset in approving laws and legislation in the event that they have been deemed unconstitutional.

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