Israel: Tel Aviv residents reacts to Netanyahu's narrow election victory

Tel Aviv residents reacted to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's narrow election victory on Tuesday. With more than 90 percent of the votes counted, his right-wing bloc led by Likud party gained 59 seats in parliament. The main rival Benny Gantz won 31 seats and 55 for his Blue and White alliance. One of the residents Daniel expressed hope that the government will be finally formed and the... Еще country won't face another political deadlock. «I really do hope we are not going to a fourth election even if the government that will be elected is different from the one I wished. I think that society from a business perspective cannot be run this way,» he said. Some residents showed support for Netanyahu despite the criminal indictments against him. «People know that the prime minister goes to trial in two weeks but still most of the people have voted for him,» said Matan, a resident. He continued: «I don't think it matters a lot to the people. I really don't think it influences their decision-making process. It might even promote him.» Netanyahu is accused of accepting gifts from businessmen in exchange for favourable press coverage. The Israeli prime minister denies the charges and says they were part of a political 'witch-hunt' to remove him from power. He has insisted he will not resign.


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