Israel: Tel Aviv residents react to Trump's 'peace plan'

Tel Aviv residents shared their reactions to the 'peace plan' announced by US President Donald Trump in the Israeli city on Tuesday. One local commented that it was «a big achievement» for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, adding that «if he thinks it's ok, I support it.» «I think we should accept everything Trump has suggested, he is smart and he works hand by hand with Netanyahu whom... Еще I support,» said Yossef, another resident. Another man was sceptical about the deal's chances of being successful, commenting that «I think the Deal of the Century will not work because if we and them (the Palestinians) would have want peace this would have happened by now.» Trump detailed his plans for his 'Deal of the Century', a set of proposals to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in a joint statement with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington DC on Tuesday. Under the plan put forth, «Jerusalem will remain Israel's undivided capital». Palestine cut ties with the US after Washington recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital more than two years ago.
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