Israel: Syrian baby arrives for life-saving operation at Israeli hospital

A nine-month-old Syrian infant, who lives with his family in a refugee camp in Cyprus, arrived for his second surgery at an Israeli children's hospital in Ramat Gan, footage filmed on Thursday shows. The baby was born with a severe heart defect, and will receive a cardiac bypass surgery at Edmond and Lily Safra Children's Hospital. «His heart condition needs two more surgeries, one would be... Еще now, and the second one will be at the age of two and a half or three years,» head of the children's cardiac unit David Mishaly said. Mishaly added that despite the fact that the operation «is quite dangerous as any other open-heart surgery,» he believes that «the chance for success is more than 90 percent.» The baby's first emergency operation was performed in Sheba Medical Centre last year, when the infant was only several days old. The baby was able to move quickly from Cyprus to Israel thanks to cooperation between the Cypriot Health Ministry and Israeli embassy. The baby and his father received special permission to enter Israel, and they arrived on a special medically-outfitted plane.

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