Israel: Protesters demand govt. assistance amid COVID-19 pandemic

Demonstrators protested the worsening of economic conditions amid the coronavirus pandemic, demanding assistance from the government, Tel Aviv, Saturday. Footage shows the protesters gathered in Rabin Square, keeping the social distance due to the coronavirus pandemic, chanting, and holding signs, calling for economic support and voicing their discontent with the government. «This protest takes... Еще place in Tel Aviv after a week of protests by workers against layoffs, against lockdown, it was translated into major wage cuts,» explained one of the protesters. He said that people were sent on unpaid holidays and «this means that they don't receive any wages as they are going for unemployment benefits, that in Israel are very low, about 50-60% of the wage, so this protest says enough is enough, we want 100 % of our wage to be paid.» Another demonstrator, Dorit, also complained about the lack of action from the government saying, «the state has abandoned the business owners, they were thrown to the rubbish and each one needs to face their problems alone.» Israel has reported over 16,150 COVID-19 cases and at least 227 fatalities as of Saturday, according to John Hopkins University.

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