Israel: Protesters camp outside Netanyahu’s residence to demand his resignation

Scores of protesters demanding the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu protested outside his official residence in Jerusalem, on Thursday, where they set up a camp. Protesters were seen marching towards the heavily secured residence, as they chanted, played drums and waved flags. Some of the demonstrators used sleeping bags to camp on the sidewalk in the vicinity of the residence. “We came here because we can’t accept this situation in which a prime minister is accused of crimes. And if in order to take him down we need to sleep here on the sidewalk, we will come in masses,” explained one of the protesters, Meirav. Another protester, Chen, also commented on her motivations to join the protest, saying that since the coronavirus pandemic broke, “Netanyahu is trying to make Israel a complete dictatorship, he is passing so many illegal laws.” “We are basically here, right, left, religious, secular people from many organisations, from many groups just saying the same thing, we don't want Netanyahu to be our prime minister anymore. He is corrupted and everything he does is for his own gain and against the citizens,” she added. Several protests against Netanyahu have been taking place across the country in the past week, as the prime minister faces corruption charges and three indictments for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust, as well as an increasing public disapproval for his government's management of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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