Israel: Pro-Palestinian activists clash with police at Pride Parade in Tel Aviv

A group of activists attempted to block the Tel Aviv Pride Parade on Friday to protest against what they call 'pinkwashing,' claiming that the Israeli state promotes LGBT rights in order to divert attention from its policies towards Palestine. Counter-protesters held banners reading ‘No Pride in Apartheid’, ‘Pinkwash Parade’ or ‘End the siege.' They clashed with parade participants and police... Еще. “I want the world to understand that we cannot stand for this. I am a queer person who absolutely stands for queer rights, but this government does not provide queer rights. This government uses pink washing in order to distort the horrible atrocities that it commits, in Gaza, in the West Bank, in all across Palestine,» said one activist. “By being part of the pride, you take part in the State of Israel oppressing millions of Palestinians, and not only the Palestinians, they also don't give the LGBT rights in Israel,» added another activist. Some 250,000 people attended the annual Pride Parade in Tel Aviv.

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