Israel: Police clash with protesters outside Netanyahu’s residence and arrest 55

Police arrested 55 protesters on Thursday night in Jerusalem as 4,000 thousand people rallied outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's official residence, calling for his resignation. Officers could be seen detaining demonstrators and using water cannons on the crowd. «I think we are in a bad state currently, our government is taking bad decisions, it has lost his path in doing what's right for civilians, that's why I'm here, I drove two hours to come here,» a protester said. «I think it's about time that Netanyahu steps down and make room so his party, which is my party also, would clean up from all the simply useless and bunch of nobodies who are making the calls today,» he added. Protesters slammed Netanyahu over his corruption charges and the current economic crisis in Israel amid the pandemic. The rally comes a day after the Knesset passed an emergency bill allowing the government to take executive decisions bypassing legislative oversight during the coronavirus crisis.

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