Israel: Palestinians and Israelis react to US Embassy signs in Jerusalem

Palestinian and Israelis expressed their thoughts on the appearance of US Embassy signs in Jerusalem on Monday, ahead of its planned transfer from Tel Aviv. US and Israeli flags as well as roads signs have been installed along the streets to mark the way to the building that will soon become the new home of the US mission to Israel. Israelis defended the move, saying that the signs symbolise... Еще the final recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and also expressed doubts over potential clashes in the area. «Even if it's going to be something, they might shout, yell a few days and then people are going to go home and it's all over and that's a new reality,» said Ran Hofman, an Israeli citizen, commenting the possible Palestinian reaction. Palestinians, on contrary, were angered by the signs, claiming that Jerusalem remains part of the Arab homeland. “We are telling the Americans to step back from this because it is fuelling the conflict in the Middle East and provoking the feelings of Arabs and Muslims,” explained a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem. The US Embassy will be officially relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on the 14th of May, as media reports.

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