Israel: Netanyahu lauds 'courage' of Tehran protests

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lauded the «courage» of the Iranian people who have been protesting in Tehran in the last two days. Netanyahu addressed the Iranians in a pre-recorded video published on his Twitter account on Wednesday. The Israeli leader likened the protests in Tehran to the Iran national team's draw against Portugal in the World Cup. «Can you imagine how hard it is... Еще to stop Ronaldo from scoring a goal? I used to play soccer. Let me tell you, it's almost impossible. But the Iranian team just did the impossible. To the Iranian people I say, 'You showed courage on the playing field, and today you showed the same courage in the streets of Iran,'» he said. Netanyahu went on to say, «Iran has many problems — air pollution, water scarcity, billions wasted on terror. Can you imagine what would happen if the Iranian government instead of wasting your money in Syria, in Yemen, and unnecessary wars in the Middle East, would start investing it in solving these problems in Iran?» The Israeli prime minister expressed hope that «one day I'll hope to watch the Iranian soccer team go head-to-head against Israel in a free Tehran. On that day, we'll all be winners.» Tehran's Grand Bazaar came to a halt on Tuesday, as thousands protested rising prices and the plummeting value of Iran's currency, the Rial. Economic unrest has afflicted several major cities in Iran including Isfahan, Arak, and Kermanshah as the country is suffering from heightened sanctions and unregulated increase of goods.

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