Israel: Netanyahu lampooned by 'Last Supper' art installation in Tel Aviv

An art installation depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a mock «Last Supper» scene has been placed at Rabin square in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. «I want to call from this stage to all my brothers and sisters from all sectors. The Arabs and the Jewish, the Ashkenazi and Sephardic ( Different diaspora of Jewish), the religious and the non-religious, everyone. All these groups that have been told to hate each other, come unite and let us prevent this Itay Zalait the artist behind the mockery installation, as he called for fellow Israelis to «leave your television and go out to the streets,» and join the country's unrest. Several people were seen taking photos of the installation depicting the Israeli leader feasting on a cake and seated alone at a lavish table. «I think is an amazing project. I think art is the best way to protest, the prosperity that it shows about what is happening in reality is fantastic. And I think is a great thing and I came specially to see it this morning,» said a resident at the scene. «It is a shocking installation, it was made to do so. It shows PM Netanyahu as he is, full of himself, as he is fat from being so full, and he digs with his hands in the symbol of the state that is on the cake. He sticks his finger into the Star of David that is in the centre of the cake- and destroying those symbols,» said Anat, another viewer of the installation. The installation comes as Israel has been hit by anti-Netanyahu protests as activists accuse the prime minister of corruption and poor handling of the COVID pandemic.


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