Israel: Netanyahu due to meet Trump to discuss 'plan of the century'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has disclosed in Tel Aviv on Sunday that he will be meeting US President Donald Trump tomorrow to discuss the «great opportunity» Trump will bring about with his Middle East peace plan. Netanyahu referred to the current «dramatic» political climate, which he is hoping Trump's plan will alleviate. The plan is expected to weigh heavily in Israel's favour... Еще, as Trump will attempt to forge peace in between Israel and Palestine. Netanyahu has been «talking with President Trump and his team about our security and national needs for the past three years. Tens of talks, hundreds of hours. In all of these conversations, I found an attentive ear in the White House for Israel's essential needs.» Some say the plan brings about a welcome distraction from Netanyahu's recent charges of fraud and corruption and Trump's impeachment proceedings. Mandatory Credit: Israeli GPO Mandatory Credit: GPO Pool

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