Israel: Netanyahu announces successful test of Arrow-3 ballistic missile over Alaska

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the successful testing of the new long-range Arrow-3 ballistic missile defense system during a weekly cabinet meeting attended by US Ambassador David Friedman, in West Jerusalem, on Sunday. The tests were jointly conducted with the United States, over the course of 10 days, and carried out in Alaska, making it the first time that a test was... Еще conducted outside of Israeli territory. «The tests succeeded beyond all expectations ... today, Israel has the ability to act against ballistic missiles fired against us from Iran and from any other location. This is a great achievement for Israel's security,» stated Netanyahu, during the meeting. «This is an extraordinary and an unprecedented example of the cooperation between our two great countries, and from here may we continue to go upward and onward in making the world a safer place,» the US Ambassador added. Mandatory Credit: GPO mandatory credit: gpo

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