Israel: Medics say 'no more 26-hour' shifts in Tel Aviv protest

A group of medical professionals protested for better working conditions and against excessive work demands at Habima Square in Tel Aviv on Saturday. «We are here to protest against an ongoing injustice which includes long shifts of 26 hours, during which a physician starts his workday at 8:00 in the morning and continues to treat patients until 10:00 in the morning the day after,» said Assaf, a... Еще medical intern. «Our demand is to make the shifts shorter, to bring more physicians to work in hospitals and to allow physicians to do their job. A big part of being a physician is the desire to do this job without being tired, without being afraid of making mistakes that result from unbearable fatigue,» said Shiri, another medical intern. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has significantly increased the pressure on healthcare workers. According to local media sources, around 3,000 people attended the demonstration.

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