Israel: Likud party members cast votes in party leadership elections

Members of the ruling Likud party cast their ballots in the party's primary elections, in West Jerusalem on Thursday, choosing between incumbent leader Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his contender Gideon Saar. Addressing some of the voters at a Likud polling station, Netanyahu said, «We can't let the wind and the rain defeat us. Our spirit is stronger than the wind outside. I ask... Еще you, we are going together to do great things for the country and to continue to do great things for the country. For that, we need to go and vote.» Outside the polling stations, Likud Member of Knesset (MK) and former mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, expressed his support for Netanyahu. Meanwhile, other people expressed their support for Saar, citing ongoing investigations into Netanyahu's as one of the reasons. «I voted for Gideon Saar. In my opinion, Bibi [Netanyahu] was a leader for too long and in my opinion a new leaderhsip is required for the country to keep functioning. In my opinion, the investigation against Bibi doesn't allow him to keep performing [sic] as a prime minister,» said Asaf, a voter. «I voted for Gideon Saar. After Mr. Netanyahu couldn't form a coalition twice, we think that Gideon Saar can make it. We think that he's the right man in the right time, and we are proceeding to third election in Israel, and this is something not healthy for the country. And this is why we vote for Saar,» said Ariel Gabbay, another voter.

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