Israel: 'Iran is the only threat' — Civilians back IDF’s Golan Heights alert

Journalist: «Do you think its good timing with moving the embassy and Nakba and all that?» Israeli citizen: «I think that a good timing was a couple of years ago.» Israeli citizens backed the Israeli Defence Force's move to put its military on high alert in the occupied Golan Heights as a response to 'irregular Iranian activity in Syria,' as shown in footage filmed on Wednesday. Civilian... Еще populations in the area, which has been the scene of a decades-long territorial dispute between Syria and Israel, are being prepped for a potential attack with bomb shelters being readied. «Iran is the only real threat,» said Israeli citizen Egal Rafaeli, although he added that he 'doesn't worry.' «The IDF is ready along the borders, and if anything happens they will attack right back and destroy whatever attacks us,» claimed Rafaeli. Another Israeli citizen Tamalis Asral said that he and his family spent the night in a bomb shelter due to the high alert, adding that he trusts the government in this respect. «If we are on high alert we have to be on high alert,» he said. IDF spokesperson Jonathan Cornicus claimed on Twitter on Tuesday that 'any aggression against Israel will be met with a severe response.' The news came as US President Donald Trump said America would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

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